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    Default OLD safer money

    I got contacted by FEMA about some money that we did not get expended before our period of performance ended on our SAFER. They want that money spent, and I was left a message from the person working on the grant at FEMA about getting it done.

    I have tried to reach this person a number of times since, and never able to get them on the phone, leaving messages each time.

    Is there a better way to reach them, before someone decides I am not being responsive and I lose that money (again)?

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    Call the Helpdesk number and tell them who you've been trying to get a hold of and that they haven't gotten back to you in X number of days. Ask to talk to their super, or a program manager. Their whole view now is spend the money whether POP passed or not since it's less paperwork than turning back in the excess.

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