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    I am applying for a hand crew in Southern California and was wondering what it is they do other than put out brush fires and project work? Any help would be much appreciated.

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    I worked on a handcrew the last two years. If it is a type II initial attack crew you will be called to be first responders on initial attack fires and likely do project work while not on a fire. if you work for the feds or a contractor it is likely that you will be sent to project fires for 2 weeks at a time. (nice OT!)
    hope this was helpful

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    I worked on a Volly Crew for 2 years, and a Type II IA crew with a municipal helicopter for 2 years. As mentioned above, Project work will more than likely be something that you will be doing. This is how crews are funded for municipal crews... not too sure about feds, as I never worked for the usfs or a state crew.

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