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    Combo Department ..

    Almost all home response except for the paid duty staff at our Central Station.

    We beds for 4 riders at our Central Station, which are generally filled every night.

    4 of our 5 volunteer stations have mobile homes which are occupied by 1-2 volunteers as their residence. They put in 45 hours of scheduled duty time per week in exchange for the roof over their heads. They are expected to get up for all structure fires and alarms in the whole district, vehicle and brush fires in their and neighboring zones, and EMS calls in their response zones.

    Volunteer Department ....

    All home response.

    New station will have a bunk room as part of Phase II (2-3 years).
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    Home responce, we dont have any living quarters but there is the occasional POV responce to the scene

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    We respond from home or work to the station. We have no sleeping quarters in our station. We cover a town of about 2000 people and that is it. We have a 20 member roster with a lot of our calls being EMS assists. We run about 50-60 calls per year. During the day our turnout can be pretty light because over half our department have jobs that require traveling or work out of town like myself. I work in a larger town about 12 miles away but I generally try still go on most of the calls just incase even though it usually takes me 15-20 minutes to get to the station then to the scene.

    Myself and about 15 of us that are on the City Department are also members of the Rural Department that has a station in town, That department covers about 300 square miles with a major interstate running through the middle of our territory. We run about 70-80 calls per year with the majority being grass fires and MVA's. We respond directly to the station unless its a MVA between where we are comming from and the station. We get a pretty good turnout for that department unless we are paged as a Bale fire....nobody likes those! Our Rural Department has around 20 Members. We are notified my Motorolla Pagers.

    If I am working I try and drive over for the Majority of calls during the day just because of our limited manpower and since the majority of us run on two departments it leaves us pretty short if our rural department has something at the far end of our territory.

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