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    Default Which departments in Colorado use the FIRE TEAM test?

    I took the FIRE TEAM test for the first time for the department that I ultimately want to work for, but only made it into B Band. My math, verbal, and mechanical scores were very good but I only got an 82 on the Human Relations. I want to take this test as much as possible in order to improve my scores when I eventually retest with my desired department.

    Does anyone know which departments in Colorado use the FIRE TEAM test?

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    Aurora, Colo Springs, South Metro... There maybe more, but those are the ones that I know for sure.

    I understand your thought process, but keep in mind that each dept can tailor the results to their liking, so where you scored in B band at one dept you might do better with another answering the questions exactly the same way.

    Also banding maybe done differently per dept. I don't know if CSFD still does it this way but they used to band by clusters, not a set percentage. So if they had a cluster of guys that were around 89% they were band A, and the next cluster of scores were at 86% they would be Band B and so on. Whereas another dept might say anyone that scored 100-85% is band A.

    Lots of variables, but I know a guy (I know everyone says that, but it's true) that I've been testing around the state with that got C band with Springs and A band with Aurora and he said he didn't change a thing with his answers.

    I won't offer any advice on the test 1) because we signed that non-disclosure agreement and 2) because I suck at taking the FireTEAM test.

    Best of luck getting on with Springs and keep plugging!
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