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    Default Need quick advice from a Chief's hiring standpoint

    I have lived in 3 cities due to college and parents moving around. Therefore I have had a total of 9 jobs 3 of which I am still employed at. I started working at 15 years old. Its just 9 jobs sounds like A TON of jobs for a 21 y/o. Will this hurt my chances of getting hired full time? Do I have to put every single place I have worked at on my application, even when I was 15 y/o... They probably don't even remember me.

    I have an AA in fire science (deans high academic list), paramedic, squeaky clean record, involved in many activities and numerous hours of volunteer work .

    Thank you for taking your time to help! (:

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    put down what the application asks for.

    Ours tells you to list every job

    In your case just put a good explantion for leaving, and be able to express that in an interview

    as long as the companies that are still in business back it up you are good to go

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