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    Default phenix leather nap strap

    I've been looking into a phenix leather lid and I've read plenty of reviews of people who prefer the nap strap, but nobody really says why. What is it that's so special about the nap strap. From some of the stuff I read it almost sounded like maybe they were taking off the velcro strap to be more like the older helmets or something. I don't know, but hopefully some of you can clearify for me.

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    The nape strap eliminates the ratchet strap like most helmets have. It is similar to the back of a baseball hat with two velcro overlapping straps. The guys that like them do so for the weight reduction and they like the comfort. Most people like the ratchet liner because that is what they are used to. Remember this also, you can upgrade from a nape strap to a ratchet if you don't like it. You cannot go from a ratchet back to a nape strap without changing the entire liner out.
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