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    Default Record from long ago


    So December 12, 2006, I was charged with a Misdemeanor - Disorderly Conduct and given 90 days probation. The original charge was Simple battery - Family Violence but it was dropped down to Disorderly Conduct to make it easier for me to find a job. On the court disposition, it ONLY says "Misdemeanor - Disorderly Conduct, 90 days probation". I was 18 at the time and my parents were intoxicated and called the police to get me arrested. I am 23 now.

    I am currently in the Army National Guard and have been in for a little over a year now.

    I graduated from my state's Fire Academy November 28, 2011 with NPQ 1 or Fire Fighter 1 certification and have been with a volunteer department since August 2011.

    If I applied for Fire Departments, would my record give me any problems? What are my chances of getting hired? I don't know what to do... My Father is talking to a lawyer right now to get it wiped but we don't know if we will be able to.

    Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    My guess is it's probably not a deal breaker. If you read a lot of these threads about disqualifiers you'll see some patterns to the responses. It seems that it's really up to the department, some will care and some won't. Also, the time lapsed since the incident is in your favor and so is the fact that it was a misdemeanor. Felonies are a whole different beast. I wouldn't worry about it, just own up to it when the BI asks you about it. Don't downplay the seriousness of the incident. A lot of people get hired with DUI's and such so I would just stay positive and work on being a kick @$$ candidate in other areas so they have no choice but to hire you because you're so awesome. Good luck to you!

    P.S. Read the other threads from people asking about background stuff, it will give you good insight.

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    Sometimes you can check each cities web site and they might list disqualifiers

    Might advise is to go to the pd that responded and do an oPen records act on yourself to see what comes up, and do the same withe the court system you went through

    A problem is it may show up with the higher charge / and family violence charge

    DUI use to be the killer now "family violence" seems to be the killer

    Anyway if you pull your records you will see what the background investigators are going to see

    The good thing is yes it did get bumped to a misdemeanor and no jail time, and I take it you have had no other trouble

    Good luck

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