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    Default Lock out Tag systems

    We recently had a recycle center begin operation in our city, as part of their service they shread cars. With this new machine explosions and fires have become frequent. Does anyone have any experience with facilities with high voltage and lock out tag out systems? Does your department work with them in lockout tag out, or do you just show up and lock out? Our department does not have any SOP's on lock out tag out. It makes sense to use facility personal who are familiar with their system to ensure a quick and correct lock out tag out, however looking for me experienced experiences.

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    On top of the routine mechanical/electrical equipment our FD has a few industrial businesses that require significant attention be paid to Lock-out/Tag Out. Our policy is to utilize their personnel to the fullest extent while also attaching our own locks. This way they show us what needs to be locked out, and we control the re-energization of any system. Quite often they'll already have completed a shut down, in which case we add our lock to their plate or otherwise ensure we have control of the equipment. We have to trust them on what needs to be shutdown or closed, but we always use our own locks to ensure this is completed and controlled by the FD.

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