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    Default New member mentor program

    I've been asked to start a new member mentor program at our station. If anyone has such a program in place and is willing to share your written policy on it, I'd appreciate your help.

    Steve Dragon
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    I am the recruitment and retention chair at my station. We've just implemented one a little while ago. So far, it seems to be working out well, although I've noticed that it does have its shortfalls.

    For the mentors that really make an effort, the members that are mentored get a lot out of it. I've heard great things about helping newer guys with anything that they needed. However, for the mentors that don't really take it as seriously or aren't around as much, their members don't really see much mentoring. I think it is great program all together and is exactly what our company needs.

    I am not sure what our written policy on it is, being that I wasn't in the process of setting it up, but I will be sure to try to find it for you.
    :-J Remmy

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    sent you a PM.
    Jason Knecht
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