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    Default TwoToneDetect - Send radio pages to email & phone

    Hi everyone,

    A few years ago I created a program called TwoToneDetect that allows you to use a radio scanner or receiver and a PC to record fire page audio and send it to email or text messages. I know a number of people on this board have been using it for awhile, but I've never posted it here. I decided to post it now since there are some companies out there that are starting to offer this type of service for a monthly fee. That's fine, more power to them. I just wanted to make people aware that this program is available and that it has always been and always will be free.

    The caveat is that it's not "dead simple" to get up and running. So if you don't have a "techie" available, it may be worth the cost to have someone do it for you. If you have someone that knows there way around a computer, though, this program might be an option for you.

    Here's a link to the program website:


    And here is a link to a forum thread over on RadioReference about the program that includes a lot of history and troubleshooting tips:

    Forum Thread

    Disclaimer: This program should never be used as a primary alerting method for mission-critical communications. It is meant as a secondary notification method only. Delays in email or text messaging systems can be minutes or hours long. Do not use this program to replace pagers, only to supplement them!

    If you have questions or trouble with the program, use the forum over at RadioReference to get support, I don't want this thread to turn into a support thread also.



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    And a GREAT program it is!

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