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Thread: The Little Birdy has whispered yet again.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by FWDbuff View Post
    I have a sneaking suspicion I know who it was/is.....And he is indeed affiliated with one of the three mentioned manufacturers as a sales rep....I wont mention any names but it was not the winning bidder......
    I knew you were correct when you first posted it, but due to my employment at the time I was bound from posting to back you up.

    I went through the same kind of stuff with a different major city who changed manufacturers on their engines and sour grapes from certain folks at the dealer of the former manufacturer talking trash. As a professional I find it distasteful to see it in this industry that I love so much. When I lose out on a job I pull up my big boy pants and try to figure out what I can do better the next time. Some folks don't.
    Just a guy...

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    Disclaimer: The facts and opinions expressed above are mine, and mine alone, and are not intended to represent the views of any company I have ever worked for, past or present.

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    It's funny...when I was talking to the new NJ rep for Seagrave at the Harrisburg show this past weekend I was told that certain manufacturers were telling customers not to buy Seagrave because "the company is going out of business". The Seagrave dealer was forced to even put up a message on Facebook because of it.

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    Default Seagrave

    The way they stuck local dealers with eating warranty service repair cost, maybe they should have gone out of business. We did not look at them because the one local dealer went out of business, the next dealer only lasted a year, and now we have no local service. We are looking elsewhere for our next engine this year. A local company I know has over 2 million in pumper rescues and had issues with warranty repairs.
    Here is the closest Delaware service center:

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaFireEducator View Post
    Speaking of connections, it looks like this truck does not have the multiple rear discharges that FDNY has had on their engines for many years.

    Would be curious why the change.
    Our engines have always had a single rear discharge. The only exception is the high pressure rigs. They have multiples to accommodate for the HP discharges.

    The rear discharge and the new, second front discharge are 4.5" to allow for maximum volume and low friction loss while relay pumping or supplying a tower ladder or multi-versal.
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    What's going on with seagrave??? I keep hearing rumors they are laying off employees and not doing well and truth to this?

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