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    Post currently in fire academy when should i start taking test in and out of state

    hi im currently in my 260 class in ohio i am also ready to take my nremt soon most fire departments here require medic card which i dont have my instructor at school told me my best chance of getting a career started would be to look out of state.Now im not against the advice but i dont even know were to start i have a family of 4 and im not working currently so i dont have alot of funds if i apply out of state now while im still in school will i half to travel to take thier tests if i can even apply for the job while im in school? i am volunteer firemen now and i have been in the service for 5 years i do have basic knowledge of the fire service but i want to further my career and become fulltime please i hope some one can help me and my family out so i can support them by the time i get out of the fire academy in may thank you every one

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    Sounds like your best shot is to test in Ohio

    Otherwise you would need to check each state/city to see what the minimum requirements are to apply

    Yes some cities will hire you and put you through all the schools, but normally those cities will have any body and every body apply

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    I'd have to agree with fire5555, this is such a competitive career choice and looking for a job out of state might not be the best choice. I am noticing a trend, at least in WA State, where FDs are hiring laterals before entry level. When you're looking at jobs check into that because some are counting volunteer years as full-time experience. With 5 years in you are very up-to-date on things, especially after completing a fire school. As far as medical goes, at least get your EMT-B done with. If you choose to go for your medic you are in for about a year of full-time training which will leave little time for testing.

    Lets face it, the fire service is a good ol' boy system so try to stick it out where you are and keep meeting people, that's a great way to learn about depts around you and you may hear about a job opening before others. There are 1000 ways FDs hire firemen so stay motivated and it will happen!! I tested for 3 years, and am still testing for larger depts, before I finally got hired.

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    thank you for these replys i will keep looking at the forum every morning to keep getting advice im a very highly goal oreanted person so i wont give up this is my career dream ever since rasing a family at a young age my foot ball dreams were over... i have a buddy that is tryin to get me in a medical facility in canton even though im still in school im gonna work there if i get the job offer from the forums and research iv done it dont seem like every one will have a job after fire school i guess it takes time.

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