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    Default Grants for red cross shelter/command center

    Hello all..Couple of questions in regards to obtaining grants for our event/training hall which is also a red cross shelter, and has been used as a command post for county wide counter terrorism training.

    So far..I've contacted a regional director of the American Red Cross all he did was give me a list of grants on a website that honestly, it looks like mandarin Chinese to me..I've also been in contact with another Fire company whose hall is also a red cross shelter and they obtained grants through the PA dept of economic development. I attempted to make a profile to get the ball rolling however, my asst chief informed me that there was no funds left for that particular department. I've also looked on grants.com and to be honest with you, nothing on there looks as if we would qualify for it.

    just to give you a little background..our hall is old, very old, most of the construction is original (1960's era)
    It is a red cross shelter location, as I've stated before..
    It has also been used as a command post for numerous county/regional counter terrorism/mass casualty incidents
    It is used for training, we have a training room but it is cramped and the hall can sustain more people
    It used to be used for bingo but that hasn't happened in years.

    Basically what I would like to do is replace the floor, put in some type of central air system since their is no Air conditioning, refurbish the bathrooms possibly with shower stalls, and maybe update the lighting.

    My goal is to make it more assessable/versatile/usable as the red cross shelter, and in turn be able to use it for fund raising with would help us make more money.

    I'm spinning my wheels here, and hitting a brick wall..I'd really like to get this accomplished or at least get the ball rolling in a positive direction so that eventually we can make this a reality. I have 0 grant knowledge, writing knowledge, grant selection and availability so any and all information would be great.

    Thanks guys

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    What type of entity owns the building?
    city , town private 501c3 dept?
    How is the building used normally,ie offices dining hall,rental?
    what state are you in?
    Population served?
    answers to these might allow someone to steer you in the right direction.

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