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    FF715, the larger pumps benefit you in the rural areas when drafting. It's a lot quicker to fill a tanker 1250 gpm than it is 750 gpm, or draft at 1250 gpm and then supply a long lay.

    They're not quite as much of a factor in areas with municipal water systems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FF715MRFD View Post
    I hear exactly what you're saying. We currently have a 500 GPM and a 750 GPM pumper and they work great for us. I was just curious because when ISO last visited us they recommended nothing less than a 1250 for us. I'm not sure why because we're very rural, our municipal water system can't support that GPM, its has a hard time supplying our 750 sometimes, and we'll have a hard time getting that much water to it in our non-hydranted areas, but that's what they said. I do realize that just because its a 1250 it doesn't mean you have to flow that, but what's the point of having one if you can't support it.
    The nice thing about centrifugal pumps is that if you have a great hydrant pushing more than the rated capacity, you'll still get that water out the discharges. We have great water in the county. Pretty much every hydrant is over 150 psi, most approaching 180. We don't draft. The only two pieces of hard suction left in the county are at the fire academy where pump testing is done in a cistern.

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    Hate to revive a dead thread, but I haven't had much luck with posting a new topic.

    I recently saw (what I thought was) a picture of an engine with a rear mount pump, and rear facing panel. The weird part was that it appeared as though the panel was elevated with all of the connections underneath the operators platform.

    I know Rosenbauer is doing something like this as a midship pump, but I have been unable to find the picture that I saw again.

    Have any of you guys seen this or am i just going insane?

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