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    Default Driver/operator SOG's

    Does anyone have driver/operator SOG's they are willing to share so I have something to base ours off of?

    Our department currently has no SOG concerning this topic but due to receiving the AFG, we have to implement this for our new apparatus.

    I have tried searching but all I found were people saying they would e-mail out a copy of theirs and those topics looked to be pretty hold.

    Any help on this topic would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You could contact the FSTB for information, they can also come to your department and teach the class. The class is free as long as you have at least 12 people attend. We did this a few years back hoping it would help us with the AFG for a new truck but not luck. Also do you have a copy of the Fire Chief's Resource Manual? It is available to all Iowa dept. that are a member of the Iowa Fire Chiefs Assc. The CD has tons of SOG'S on it that you can plug in your dept. name and change them up a bit to fit your needs.

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