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    I know there are some more good ones out there!! Please share

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    Not gonna go with any details on this one - I was thinking the other day that I've been to some accidents which apparently featured tumbles, rolls, and other actions that probably would have rivalled anything Hollywood could turn out. Unfortunately, most of them had bad outcomes.

    Still - they had to have been spectacular to see.
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    We had a call were a lady's car stalled and her doors were locked. She called 911 because she couldn't get her door open. Upon arrival, the company officer told the lady to try pulling on the lock to unlock the doors manually. Wa-lah! It worked. She thought that since she had no power to the car, the door lock wouldn't work.
    Talk about job security. hahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by LFD2203 View Post
    As I'm driving away, I'm wondering how it's going for the district officer who was expecting a detector activation due to dust from construction work and found the fire on the roof.....
    I think Chief Steve Blake at Lexington told me about a similar one on Versailles Road, on a side street that looped back around and intersected Versailles in two places. There was a report of an apartment fire on that street, and one engine was coming each direction on Versailles Road. Each turned onto the correct street and went to work at the fire. Soon they were asking each other to do things and they both finally realized there were two fires on the same street.
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