Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I have searched this form and haven't found much in the talk about PERF testing. I have also "googled" Indiana PERF for information, still not much was found. I am pretty far in a process here in East Central Indiana, I have pass my interview, Physical, and now in the background investigation step. I have already gotten my numeric position and I am HAPPY to say that I am number one! I am young for the fire service (24) and have never gotten this far! So I guess this is the long way of me asking... What would disqualify me in the Background investigation? I have NEVER been arrested, I have had 3 speeding tickets (the last one being 3 years ago) and in 2007 my divers licences was suspended for 3 days due to the fact I couldn't pay my speeding ticket! (that's the BIG one I'm worried about!!)

Then PERF - I am a volunteer at a small combination dept, and they were all grandfathered into PERF about 4yrs ago, so they are not a big help in this area. What should/could I expect to see in this test?

Any help would be appreciated!