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    Default Storz Couplings/Drafting Issues

    I have recently had some opportunities to work with suction hose that has 5" storz fittings. Many of the adapters that are used with this hose have flat faced (pressure) gaskets, but the actual couplings on the sleeves have raised bead drafting gaskets. We were having issues with air leaks using a flat faced gasket adapter with a raised bead suction sleeve coupling. Having little experience with these, its my assumption that all the gaskets used for drafting with storz couplings must be raised bead? Am I correct to assume this? Also, the air leak was from behind the stors coupling of the suction hose, where the swivel rotates on the metal sleeve....there was a little play in it. I figured this was because the adapter didn't have a raised bead gasket and wasn't pushing the coupling as tight as it could have been.

    With the switch to all reiaed bead gaskets, its obviously going to cause the use of any adapters with LDH hose to be tighter too, right? These suction hoses are also 6" with 5" storz couplings.

    Anyone have any feedback on this issue as well as the use of storz couplings on hard sleeves?

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    Took a class in south TX just 2 weeks ago with a department that uses Storz on all of their hard suction.

    They stated that generally they have no issues picking up a draft, however, they keep a roll of duct tape on each engine and simply make a wrap or two around the connections. They said they have zero issues since doing this a couple of years ago.
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    MG3610: Your assumption is correct. For consistent sealing of Storz connections on a drafting operation, both couplings need the raised bead type of gasket. The reversed V shape is to allow the water pressure to enter the open part of the vee and seal the connection with water pressure. When working under vacuum, the compressed gasket bead is supposed to stop air from leaking through the seal. Mixing gasket types or even using the Vee type gaskets on the hard sleeve connections has mixed results. Failures generally occur where there is a bending strain on the connection compressing on the inside of the turn and pulling the gasket apart on the outside of the strain. Storz couplings designed for use on suction hose usually have fold out lug handles to assist with making and breaking the connection under compression pressure of the raised gasket. Raised gasket type Storz fittings have been used in this area on F.D. vacuum tankers and some Marcellus Shale water haulers, however, because of sand and dirt issues virtually all Marcellus tankers have converted to cam-loc suction hoses. If you are treading this thread and are from Pennsylvania, and thinking about using Marcellus tankers for a water supply haulers, be extremely careful to only use fresh water tankers and not frack water haulers. Additionally, do not pull water from the Susquehanna Basin and use it on fires in the Ohio or Great Lakes basin due to cross contamination of micro organisms.

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