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    Default App Period Timelines....

    Obviously the PG for FP&S is posted, but just so no one is completely surprised, the 2012 AFG is currently on the slate for May 25th to June 9th, with a 2012 SAFER right behind it in June-July with one big Peer Review in August/early September. So this is probably going to cut down on workshops for Kurt and I this year, and probably everyone else that does them.

    If thee seeketh knowledge, get thee to a seminar-y. As Shakespeare rolls over in his grave....

    Also probably want to get on board if you are going to use a writer, no matter who they are the volume of late-requests is going to impact everyone's plate. I hope they do hit those dates, if I qualify I can hit the 8 week accelerated OCS course and earn the butter bar this year instead of the long road without affecting the ability to pay the mortgage. Not holding my breath, but figured I'd drop dates on everyone since we'll have denials before the end of this month on 2011 which will make the 2012 apps pretty well set for project designs.

    Game on!
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    And for those that glossed over it, that is a span of 15 days that they have the online application being open. With the problems they've been having I wouldn't want to be sending a Hail Mary in so be ready to load on Day 1 to avoid or identify issues so they can extend if needed. But wouldn't hold my breath on that either.

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