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Thread: When is a probie no longer considered a probie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eng34FF View Post
    We kind of have 2 stages of probation. When a member first joins, they are administratively in a probationary status.
    One problem we have is that a member is a "Probie" from the time they're sworn in until they've completed their Probationary period. For most this is really two discrete periods: Sworn-in to completion of FF1 is one period and Completion of FF1 to completion of their probationary period (as defined above) is the other. The difference between the two is they can pack up and are considered Interior Qualified during the second period, though they're under much more supervision. We've been trying to get the distinction clarified in the SOG's and also in PPE (different helmets/frontace) but haven't made much headway.
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    St. Paul; probie-1 year after completion of the academy.
    rookie-depends on the individual and their skill
    load-some times an entire career....
    The decent POC departments follow a fairly simular program, but instead of an academy, it would be after the completion of FF1/FF2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miller337 View Post
    You are no longer a rookie when you don't have to ask if you are still a rookie and when everbody doesn't look at you when the coffee pot is empty.
    Love it!HAHAHA

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    How about when he has spent more time learning the job than worrying about his "title" ?

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    Once they've passed the required 18 month probationary period, they are no longer probies. They have graduated to "johnny" status. This lasts until they get some people in behind them. Depending on where they are assigned, this could take a while. A guy could have 10 years and still be the johnny. It's not a refection of ability, just time. He could be a great firefighter but he's still in the sink and making coffee. Of course, he will now have help.

    If we are talking entirely about ability and performance, time doesn't really matter. Some johnnies are very well respected firefighters. Some "senior men" are hairbags. That's just the way it goes.

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    For those of you that have a probie book if you could give me a rundown of how its set up and what skills you have in it. Our academy is done in April and 4 of us will be moved from recruit to probie status. Since we are a small dept with an average of a little over 100 calls per year this sounds like something we could use to help us retain the skills we learned in the academy. Thanks fellas

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    Generally you are a probie until you have completed the 1 year probationary period and all required training, but just because you have made it past that period does not mean you have gained the full trust of the rest of the crew, case in point, new probie makes it through the 1 year, full member, first call as a full member performs poorly, all talk, back at the house, he leaves as soon as the truck is in the bay, does not turn a hand to pack hose, restock the truck so he has ZERO no respect from the rest of my crew, I have 13 years on the job, im the last one to leave the station after a call, this guy has a lot to learn if he wants the respect from the rest of the house. Just because you dont have the "probe" title does not mean you are not the "probie" in the veterans eyes

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    We called ours Rookies........and you could have 25 years on and still be "The Rook". That happened at one of our Stations one shift. All had 26 + years on except one who had 25......he was "The Rook" for that shift.
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    I graduated FF1 back in July and only had a 3 month probation due to me being in the FD for 3.5 years prior because the of Explorer program. Even through out my probation, I acted like a senior member like going out of town, being on first truck and being on the nozzle/can seat. It is whatever your chief/peers mandate it to be.

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