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    Default Bariatric lifting devices

    Looking for some backup...

    Please share your experiences with how you lift large patients for EMS or lift assists. We run ALS fire companies, and our current equipment choices are a MegaMover sheet or a Ferno standard stairchair (not the tracked one). We also commonly roll up sheets and loop them under the patient's arms to help lift uninjured patients. The ambulance co. has the backboards and cots, but not much else.

    After trying to lift a 600+ pounder back into his wheelchair (took two fire companies and two ambulance crews), I submitted a Health and Safety recommendation for lifting bags. (http://www.oakpointemedical.com/assi...ent-lifts.html) We are also looking into Gait belts with handles, and I think that's an easy sell at $50 each.

    A couple of local departments use this equipment, but they can't give me better stats than "Yeah we use them all the time". Has anyone here used either the bags or the belts, and can you point to stats on your frequency of use, reduced injury rate, or reduced workman's comp costs?

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    Lord, I apologize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EastKyFF View Post
    Lord, I apologize.

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    Oh my goodness. I about choked.

    Have yall looked into the stryker sheets that aid in moving? http://ems.stryker.com/products/pati...er/speed-sheet

    I don't know how much that would help if the pt isn't on a stretcher already...but...it looks like a neat product.

    P.S....I love how the FD based EMS section hasn't had a post in two years...LMFAO

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