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    Default How to do better on Written?

    As Title says? I have taken quite a few and seem to study and try different things and it seems to be ingrained to get 88% everytime, that is not going to cut it, any ideas and suggestions would be appreciated! Safe fightin..


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    If you've gone through all of the exam prep books and still don't have much improvement, you should consider getting private tutoring. I've heard you can find tutoring that is specific to the civil service exams. They might also be able to teach you some simple tricks and tips with math and reading comp.

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    Some folks do well on written and some don't. The written has eliminators built in so when you read a question, it may have two or even three good answers. Remember only one will be the correct one.

    Have you taken tests, where reading the question the answer comes to you mind before you actually read the answer selection? Or when you read the answer selection, one will jump out to you?

    That is usually the correct answer. Don't spend an eternity trying to reason on what they want you to answer or to try and weigh each one.

    Take some courses on how to test on written exams.
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    I had issues when I first started taking test, My exp... I bought Firefighter exam for dummies and another exam prep book, between the two They helped a TON! One of the editors for the for dummies book I work with at my part time gig... out side of that I started taking every test I could find to get better at them! even if the dept wasn't hiring I'd apply to get exp in the process's. Hope this helps out!


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