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    Default state any additional information you feel may be helpful to us in considering your ap

    application. I never know what to write in this section of most standard applications. I've already listed all my qualifications in the app, cover letter, and resume. Should I recap why I want to work for the particular department as stated in my cover letter? I just don't know what to put without sounding redundant. Any suggestions?

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    Wow no one has anything to add?

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    I had the opportunity to talk with an HR person who reviewed the applicaitons and we went through every question on the supplement. What she told me is that in that section they are looking for what you have done outside of the fire service! (Community service wise) Ie. volunteered at church, for a childrens cancer center, burn center..... they want to see that you are not just giving back in the fire service but in your everyday life. Thats all I got from her. Good Luck.

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    same as above plus if the app does not aleready ask stuff like other certs you may have, diving, or etc, or specialized training, such as heavy equipment operator, etc, or similar stuff that may ad to your job once hired, PHD in phsycology

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