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    I will be doing my first real oral board next month and want to give it all I got. What is the best oral board study guide/ preparation guide. I already have the Paul S Lepore smoke your oral interview book and am looking for more info. Has anybody had any success with the Don Mcnea Capt. Bob's prep package for the oral interview? Any other dvds/ books that anyone suggests?

    Thank You

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    I used all of those programs and used bits and pieces from each and made them my own. I do have to highly recommend Capt Bob's program. I had a lot of success with his "nugget" approach to formulating answers to the standard questions. And I know it sounds cheesy but record yourself. It will really help fine tune your answers. Rehearse and prepare but don't do it to the point that it sounds rehearsed and insincere. I learned the hard way. Prepare and it will pay off. Good luck.

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