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    Question need new dry hydrant

    After checking our oldest dry hydrant we have found that it is rusted out. It in a small river that now its age is maybe 1950s. Its a very good water supply for the small town. I guess what im asking is dose anyone know what needs to be done paper work wise or who to contact (gov wise) to put in a new dry hydrant. or is there any ideas to fix it. Knowing that its not the 1950s and we cant do what our elders done before with out big brother waching.

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    We have 72 dry hydrants in my volunteer county. Most of them have been converted to from 6" to 8" PVC and provide us excellent flows and low maintenance.

    Of course things are going to be different from state to state, but you might check with your state forestry department, as they may have resources to assist you, such as grants or installation guides. Perhaps your state fire marshals office could assist also.

    In case you're interested, here's an article that Larry Davis and Fire-Rescue magazine did about our dry hydrant system a few years ago: A Dry Hydrant Success Story. It might provide you some ideas. Unfortunately, you don't get to see any of my station's pretty yellow rigs in the article...
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    i highly concur with that article. great stuff from larry davis.

    also don't pass up the fact that draft hose can be used anywhere ther is access to some water. map it, detail the lengths needed to get the draft, and pass on the info. departments in our area are using google maps to mark out the area and some members have it saved on the smart phones as well as on the mdt's. get as many drafting hydrants as possible but also designate as many drafting points in you district as you can.

    with iso you need to designate it, get approval letters from property owner, and have a engineer certify it for it's 50 years of a drought survey to get credit. find the municiple/county engineer to help through that.(iso #'s do matter but company/department performance are way more important)
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