Recently signed up, hoping to make some connections with like minded FF's across the country. I currently am one of the Training Officers for a 140+ member department in OK. While my duties are varied and many, a focus of mine is physical fitness, so that will be the main interest I have in this site. Our department just recently received our CPAT license, and we will be conducting our first entrance exam with the CPAT this summer. While I wanted a more rigorous testing protocol for the hiring process, after running the CPAT I can say that it is a solid test. Besides, once the Academy begins, as one of the T.O's, I will see to it that the cadets get PLENTY of strenuous workout well above and beyond anything the CPAT requires.

Anyway, hoping to get back into the FFCC (been nearly 10 years since my last one!), and starting to do competitive stair climbs and Tough Mudder type events, and looking to attend a World Fire and Police Games in the future. My new position has really got me motivated again for all things physical.