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    Default Question about laterals....

    Good evening.

    I was hoping to gain some insight from some of the more experienced individuals here.(especially the ones that have anything to do with the hiring process)

    I was wondering how much being a paid, professional firefighter/paramedic on a busy department would aid you in an entry level test. I understand I would be gunning for an entry level/rookie position so would my best bet be to touch lightly on the previous ff'ing experience in order to avoid coming off cocky?

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    Whether youíre applying for an entry level or lateral position you donít want to waste any opportunities in this job market.

    If youíre applying for entry-level or lateral position you have start at square one.

    The biggest problem Iíve seen on oral boards with entry-level and seasoned veterans take entry level or lateral tests is they canít place themselves in the position they are applying for; that of being a snotty nosed rookie. They try to hammer the oral board with their credentials thinking the board will just hand them the job. Their oral board skills are rusty and antiquated. Itís hard for them to remember how it was to be a rookie.

    There is a delicate balance here. Leave your time and rank in your locker. You must be humble, place yourself in the rookie position and build a natural bridge to present your education, experience and integrity to the oral board panel. Without this bridge, youíre dead meat. This is not easy for many seasoned candidates. An attitude adjustment is needed. Attitude is a small thing that can make the big difference. Remember the position youíre applying for a probe job.

    The seasoned veteran candidate can roar past any of the other candidates if his attitude and game plan are in place.

    Your goal in a lateral test is to convince the panel youíre a good fit and match for their culture. They have to like you. You could be asked why youíre leaving your current department. You donít want to bad mouth your current department. You can present that your current department has allowed you the education and experience so you can take this opportunity for the next step in your career.

    Every job youíve ever had you started at the bottom. Youíre planning on doing the same thing for this position. You have seen the things new rookies have done to fail. You know what not to do. Youíre coming over wanting to learn the job the right way.

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

    More Tips on getting hired and promoted by Firehouse Contributing Author Fire ďCaptain BobĒ Articles here:

    Fire "Captain Bob"


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    what state are you in?

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    I am in Tx. I've lived here my entire life and recently some opportunities have come up for my wife out in CA and we're looking to capitalize on those opportunities.

    Another thing, if I were offered a job in CA (A miracle in itself) would it be smart to take it during these uncertain times? I've heard the horror stories about individuals getting laid off during the academy or during probation, etc...

    Also, should I bother testing for smaller departments or stick with the larger ones?

    And one last thing...I don't have much time on at my current department. Does this make a huge difference? Will it be frowned upon that I am looking to leave my department after such a short time?

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