I was approached today by one of my department supervisors in relations to him wanting me to head up our new "IT Department". Initially it would start with me learning how to properly use the fire reporting system that we have, Firehouse, and start using at more of its potential as we are currently only using it for our incident reports.

What I am asking now is what other departments "IT Deparmtents/Committees" have under their umbrella as the functions they perform. We currently have an "IT Guy" who does our computer repairs so that won't be on my plate for the time being, I hope.

Any thoughts of what all I could do with this position as far as different avenues I might can take this to better my department would be greatly appreciated.

Some areas I am already considering but I am sure will be down the road:

- Firehouse program (given)
- Computer systems for our apparatus (the BC ride already has a computer in it but unsure what functions it performs)
- Basic program and computer maintenance within the department. (I have already been the go to guy thus far for issues people have troubleshooting problems with their computers as it is.)

Side note:

When approached I was originally thinking the officer was wanting assistance with Investigations area he just took over but found this instead. I am computer savy but not a genius by any means so this will take a lot of getting use to and a good bit of a learning curve... any assistance is always appreciated in every manner possible.