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    Default CPAT record and videos

    Our department recently became licensed CPAT administrators, and we will begin testing in July for an upcoming academy. In the meantime, myself and some others in the Training section are using the CPAT as a means to track our fitness as we prepare for another academy. I know, I know, the CPAT is a pass/fail, your time does not matter, etc etc. But come on, we are FF's, we are competitive. I for one do not go to a physical event to just see if I can finish, I go to push myself to the brink. I suspect I am not alone in this. To that end, I have looked far and wide, but can find no reliable information on actual CPAT test times. I simply can not trust the people who claim the CPAT was a piece of cake and that they finished in under 6 minutes. What I do trust is video proof of a run, and I have seen two on youtube, one of a 7:37 (listed as a 7:23) run and another of a 6:47 (listed as a 6:27) run.

    I was wondering if we could start a video archive of sorts here in this thread of the fastest CPAT runs. It would give aspiring cadets a goal to reach for, all of us a bar to try and raise, and also perhaps give definitive proof of some of the fastest CPAT times. Here are the two videos I spoke of, and I hope to add my own in the near future (last run was a 6:54, looking to go 6:45 or lower next time out).

    If anyone knows of a video of a sub 7min CPAT, please share, thanks!

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    Ran the CPAT yesterday after our last candidate finished his practice. Some of the people from HR were at the training center helping conduct interviews. My training chief asked if I was busy and would I mind doing a run through of the course for them. I decided to video it, GoPro with chest harness (the stepmill portion will make you queasy!).

    I left a bit on the table (not wanting to have the HR people see a firefighter vomit!), and feel confident the CPAT can be done in under 6:00. That is my goal at least.

    So, from a first person perspective, here is what a 6:24 CPAT looks like.


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