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    Default Stair Climb - Tulsa, OK

    Our department is bringing a team to the Fight for Air Climb on April 7th 2012. I figure it is a great way to highlight the need to stay physically fit, and promotes camaraderie amongst the troops! Most of us will be climbing the 660ft tower in our bunker gear/scba. Anyone have any experiences from participating in these types of events that they would like to share?

    I'll be sure and post results after the climb!

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    wow..hope you had a great time! I would love to do something like that, it would be entertaining at the same time, sometimes regular exercise can get so boring

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    I would focus on conditioning your legs and cardiovascular system. Your legs will be burning, that's the lactic acid building up in your muscles (the burning sensation). Thats burning sensation is the acid breaking down your muslces and causing the small tears (which is why you get sore). When you do any endurance event like this you need to build up your muscle endurance and strength (especially since you'll be wearing your bunkers & bottles).

    Squats, lunges and stair milll to build up your legs. Running, climbing, hills would be good for cardio conditioning on hard days. Swimming and walking hills would be good for easier days.

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    Your feet will be losing, that's the lactic acidity developing up in your muscle tissue the losing sensation. That's losing feeling is the acidity splitting down your musicales and resulting in the little tears...

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