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    Default I/O solutions company officer II test info??

    Getting ready to take a hybrid I/O solutions company officer II test..

    I have been studying intensely but would like more insight as what to look for when reading and making flash cards.

    The company gives a few sample questions which are quite difficult. Is this a scare tactic to get one to study hard or is this test going to be a real MOFO?? My department has added 7 books to the bibliography and Norman’s Tactics and Mittendorf’s truck ops are included..
    Do I need to memorize numbers such as fail times for truss roofs, flow rates, and pictures??

    If anyone can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it..

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    From past experiences in taking promotional exams...

    Whatever series of books you have to study from, unless it spells out reading or excluding specific chapters, be prepared to answer anything and everything. I do not know what your entire bibliography of study materials consist of, but again, from past experiences, different authors may have a different answers for, to use an example, the temperature at which structural steel fails. Depending on which book the question came from, they can all be different; you have to know all of them just in case.
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