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    Default Rio Hondo Regional Truck Company Operations Academy Class 6 (June 2012)

    The Rio Hondo Regional Truck Academy is an intensive 11 day (88 hour) training course designed for the Professional Firefighter. No matter what size department you come from, this course is for you! Truck work is performed every day, no matter if your department is big or small. This is a great training opportunity that always fills up fast!

    This course was designed to be primarily hands-on. Topics include Building Construction, Aerial Apparatus Rescue, Ventilation, Forcible Entry, Rapid Intervention Crew Tactics, Firefighter Survival, Thermal Imaging, High Rise Operations, Elevator Rescue, Auto Extrication, and more....

    Class 6 is scheduled for June 4 - 15, 2012.
    Enrollment opens April 1, 2012

    Please visit our website for additional information.


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    I have heard very good things about this training. Good luck with the program!
    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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