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    Default Advice/Question for my future

    So I am currently working on my Fire Science AA, and in the mean time I have a Federal Wildland firefighter job lined up just for the summer. I will complete the EMT-B course and a fire academy once my degree is finished because I might as well get the education out of the way first.

    I plan to apply for a seasonal spot with CalFire once my degree and EMT nationally registered are finished. I will also have had several seasons of Fed fire experience to put on the CalFire app.
    (I will be enrolling in an accredited Fire academy at some point)

    I have not decided if I want to take the paramedic program after all of this, it is a large commitment, but I know it is a sought after credential by most large city departments hiring.

    Is a CalFire seasonal spot in the right direction for potentially getting into a full time permanent spot firefighting spot? I would not mind working as a full timer within CalFire one day...

    What do other City/Municipal Fire departments think of seasonal CalFire Fire experience?

    Any captains/chiefs/divisions chiefs or firefighters with thought on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Anyone work as a seasonal with CalFire before they got perm status with a department?

    My goal ultimate goal is have a full time firefighter career with a medium to large sized city department OR a full time position within CalFire.

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    if you read throught the posts, it seems calif cities are hard to get on to, and calif state, if you have not been following poitics is hurting for money.

    suggest you start applying for any city as soon as possible, and look at the possibilty of working in another state.

    I know calif, is a great place to live, little crowded, lots of competition

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    Thanks for your response, but that does not answer or help my question.

    I already know the situation with the budget in California. I already know there is a lot of competition, however departments are still and will be hiring new recruits in California.

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    Working as a seasonal firefighter with CalFire is a great way to get into the Cal Fire system. I do find, however, that this group is often below the competition when it comes to formal education. Many of them do not have the prerequisites to get into (and many have not graduated) a basic fire academy.The reason for this is because fire season frequently spans the spring, summer, and fall semesters.
    For those looking for a municipal department, I would recommend a season or two in wildland. Having said all of the above, I REALLY appreciate someone with a significant amount of wildland experience on my strike teams.
    Paul Lepore
    Division Chief
    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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    It sounds like you are very motivated so just keep trying to get experience. Chief Lepore is a great (I mean amazing) resource for coaching. I recently had a session with him....best time I've spent in the process of being a firefighter!

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