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    Hey all,
    My name is Kyle and I am 14 years old. Just became a fire explorer with Contra Costa County Fire Protection District and I am loving every minute! They are expanding it a lot so please join, it is a lot of fun! Also for some cool videos and pics go to our website confireexplorers.org. This website is great!

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    Hey my name is Noah, I am an explorer at the Manitou Springs Volunteer Fire Department. I have been an Explorer for a little over a year now and it is one of the best things I have joined. I am 16 and i joined just before I turned 15 and I have gone on at least 5 calls and have helped on each of them. Now granted they where all medical it was still a great experience. So my advice to you is to stick with what you are doing and have fun, it is a great experience and career.


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