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    Default Recent fulltime paid hired

    If you were recently hired within the last 2 years onto a fulltime paid for department - what were all of your qualifications/education/experience that you put on your resume?


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    Bachelor's Degree
    EMT-B with 6 months hospital ER experience
    Phlebotomy cert.
    Spanish speaking
    NCAA national champion

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    I was just hired recently with a large Metro City department with No experience and still working on my Bachelors degree

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    Why the question??

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    Fire Academy
    1 year experience as an EMT-B on a FD ambulance.
    Volunteer experience. (fire service and non fire related)
    AA Degree

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    hired 6 mo ago on a 200,000+ city. Fire I and II EMT, volunteer for 3 years and 7 months of live in fire fighting program and my janitor and mowing job. i tried to use my janitor and lawn mowing job to my advantage about my skills with power tools and mechanical ability. the best advice I can give would be practice your interview skills!!!! my academy consisted of 12 people and 6 of them had 0 firefighting experience so practice your interview and be the best candidate!!!!!! good luck!!!!!

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    hired a little over a year ago
    just graduated from the academy
    EMT-B, no experience
    Fire II certified
    19 years old

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    1. Bachelors Degree (Sociology)
    2. Volunteer Firefighter experience (2008-2010)
    3. Four years of wildland experience
    4. EMT Basic National Registry

    Good luck.

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    Just over a year on as a paid FF in a small city. I had:

    1. Bachelor's degree
    2. EMT-B
    3. 2 years experience as a EMT doing stand-by events and 10 months on a big city ambulance service
    4. Fire Academy
    5. 9 months experience as part-time reserve FF.
    6. Past work experience as a manager/project manager, etc.
    7. College athlete

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    Quote Originally Posted by EFD102 View Post
    the best advice I can give would be practice your interview skills!!!! my academy consisted of 12 people and 6 of them had 0 firefighting experience so practice your interview and be the best candidate!!!!!! good luck!!!!!
    That's it! No matter what your credentials the interview gets you the J-O-B! I would say all those who have posted here nailed their interview high enough to make the cut to go on and get their badges pinned.

    You don't want to waste any opportunities in this economy if you're invited to go forward to take an interview. You don't have that many opportunities to try to figure how to improve your interview skills in this market. How long can you tread water?

    I just talked to 2 candidates who got hired on their first interview. One got an amazing score of100% on his interview. They learned how to take a firefighter interview which is like no other.

    If you’re passing the written and agility, which are usually pass/fail and you’re not placing high enough on the oral, that’s where the problem exists. What most candidates do if they don’t place high enough on the oral is go back and try to pack on more credentials. “Oh, I have to finish my degree or get through that academy.” They do little to nothing in gaining the skills for the oral board, which is usually 100% of the score. If you don’t do anything to improve your oral board skills nothing is going to change, you will never ever see that badge. The oral board is for all the marbles. This is where the rubber meets the road.

    From: Steve Prziborowski, Battalion Chief, Santa Clara County Fire Department.

    “Do what you have to do be more marketable so you can take more tests and have something more to offer a department, but remember that it all comes down to that 15 to 30 minute oral interview. I’ve seen some awesome candidates with resumes packed full of accomplishments that couldn’t sell themselves in an interview to even make the top 50%.”

    You can find interivew tips in this posting thread: http://www.firehouse.com/forums/show...Questions-HELP!
    Last edited by CaptBob; 03-31-2012 at 08:41 PM.

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

    More Tips on getting hired and promoted by Firehouse Contributing Author Fire “Captain Bob” Articles here:

    Fire "Captain Bob"


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    10 months

    1. Bachelor's Degree (Non Fire Related)
    2. Community Volunteer Service

    I really am not what you would consider a model firefighter applicant. The best thing I did do was paid the money for Capt Bob's interview questions. Getting to read over those and figure out some of the responses before my interview really helped me succeed in the interview.

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    3 months in.
    -Working on my A.A.S.
    -1 Year Volunteer firefighter
    -Ongoing community volunteer.
    -Just turned 22 two months ago.

    -Capt Bob is right, interview is the real thing to focus on..I started to get real serious and bought a voice recorder so I could go over all my answers to possible questions and to hear how I sound.

    Scored #1 on the hiring list as a 21yr old kid.

    Professional Firefighter/EMT-B

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