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    From past few months i have been using spreadsheets to keep a record of employees who are working under me and i have to keep a record of their timings, day-off, etc. But as the number of employees are increasing it becomes very hectic to manage each of them so i am searching for an automated software program which can help me to manage my employees and give me a brief description of their daily work. Can someone suggest me a software program , it will be a great help. Thanks in advance.

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    Hey Nancy,

    I am a project manager myself and i know what it is to schedule and manage resources especially when they are located around the globe. I always thought that humans can do better than computers but that changed . I was supposed to manage my universally located resources manually and many of them. I started making mistakes because of so many of them. Spreadsheet software were not a help either.

    Then i began searching for automated solutions on the internet but i found many of them were not exactly what i wanted and the rest of them heavily priced. So i went to a software consultant for a solution. He told me to try eResource Scheduler. I gave it a try and it was worth the every second i spent on it. The software does every thing a project manager would want niche reporting, easy scheduling, time sheet management etc. So i think if you can, give it a try, i am satisfied by the software, i hope you will also find it useful.
    Thanking You
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