I know most of the focus tends to be on AFG here but wouldn't be doing my contributing Editor thing if I didn't mention that Port Security is open. FEMA yanked the state favoritism away and now applications are submitted directly to FEMA, initial SF424s due by April 26th in most states and final submissions by May 4th. Many states weren't opening up the program as they should have so FEMA decided to cut some red tape out of the process.

Obviously worth mentioning since many folks are looking for boats, an eligible item of course. They still have the Tier 1 to 3 system with assigned funding levels for each and then a $4.87mil "everyone else" bucket for those not included in the other categories. Projects aren't limited to boats either, rescue trucks have been funded as well as a bunch of equipment and training. Maritime and dockside responses are different animals as those with those risks will testify so if you're eligible check it out. Even with the states out of the loop many didn't spread the information out to all of the eligible areas. Don't miss it before they change their minds again for 2013 funding...


- Brian