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    Default Volunteer Opportunities in Phoenix Area

    I'm relocating from Southern MD to the Phoenix area (Mesa, AZ). Does anyone know of Volunteer FF Opportunities or something similar in the area?
    Being a fireman here in Rescue isn't what you do, it's what you are.
    -Capt. Phil Ruvolo, FDNY Rescue 2

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    Pretty much they are all paid in Arizona. Sorry!

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    I lived in Mesa for a few years and started off at the only place you can volunteer at, BlackCanyon Fire Dept. It was about an hour and half drive up the hwy 17. Lucky for me i got picked up by another dept fairly quickly so i didnt have to make that drive anymore.

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    youll have to look outside the valley for volunteer and/or reserve (if you qualify) depts. black canyon isnt the only place and brownsquirrel's comment is only true for the valley and tucson, theyre smaller depts in rural areas, but you have to be willing to drive. send me a PM if you want to know any more.

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