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    I've been looking online at the TFT Blitz company currently has one of the regular blitzfire devices but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Blitz Lite. We have three engines and the two engines without a portable monitor aren't as forgiving with space as the one that has the regular blitzfire.

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    It's hard to compare 2 completely different products, the Blitzlite will now be known as a BlitzForce in their new Line now to be released at FDIC for 2012

    I think it's a great little piece, when you line it up against the Akron or Elkhart. It's much more light and compact but doesn't have the same features that appear more forgiving on the Blitzfire or OSC.

    Now I will clarify my position on the TFT line, I do work with them regularly and do sell them aswell. Be that as it may it is a great product manufactured in North America

    Hope my position still holds merit

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    I don't sell anything.

    I prefer the Elkhart RAM. It is more compact and lighter. I know it doesn't have the tip over shut off that the BlitzFire has. We have never had a problem with the Ram moving or tipping over, and it does come with a tie down strap.

    Having said that, the BlitzFire works fine. I have used it at actual fires and it performed flawlessly.
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    i have used rams and bfs alot in training and on multiple fires. both are fine units and do a good job. one point i like more about the bf is that it gets lower 10 degree angle.

    now as far are the blitz lite. i couldn't find much on it doing a search. if it has the same angles with out the shut off it would be a great tool.the tip over item isn't that big of a thing unless you fail to follow the measures of pinning or stabilizing it.

    i would not have bought the fog nozzle and i would have only bought it with a 1 and 3/8" tip and stream straightener. the stack tips aren't that nessesary in my opinion, even in the rural areas.
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