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    Default Arrest and driving records

    Hey guys I got arrested in Dec. 2008 for some BS my case is expunged I'm wondering how bad do you think it will affect me in the hiring process? I also have a clean record dating back to 2008 with only one minor accident but prior to that my driving record is $h!t so i need some advice???????

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    Well last thing first

    At least the driving problem is almost five years old

    1 depends on what the problem is, since you do not elaborate

    2 you need to check each cities ticket policy

    3 was your licence ever suspended

    Even though the bs was expunged , it will more than likely still show up

    1 once again no details

    2 how old were you

    3 what class/ level crime

    4 some apps ask if you ever been arrested

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    An application will ask you to tell them about everything, even expungments. I would get a copy of the arrest record and find out exactly what information can be obtained in regard to the entire incident.

    Then you need to own it, it may be BS, but I bet if you had behaved differently in the situation there wouldn’t have been any problem. But I don’t know because you haven’t said what it was. But going into background having a full understanding of what they will find, and a good description of your part will help.
    Good Luck, Capt Rob

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