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    Default What to wear??

    I am in a process where I have the written and the Aerial climb in the same day, would it be ok wear workout clothes to the written exam???? The reason i'm asking is because I always try and look professional to take the exams (not the shirt and tie)


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    I would wear the shirt and tie to the written and bring a change of clothes for the Aerial climb. On the testing/fitness portion of these forums, there are some more posts - 2nd page " Written Test followed by Agility -- Attire?"

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    X2 on the above post. You will have plenty of time to change. You will not get a second chance to make a first impression!
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    You can wear a shirt and tie if that is your desire. If you have the CPAT or something similar afterwards, then bring up some clothes suited for outside activity. You would be surprised how many applicants' changes clothes in their vehicles in the parking lot!

    In all the years I've been involved in applicant testing, I may have seen no more than 10 or so showing up on the written exam day in a shirt and tie, much less in a suit. Usually the test site is a hot school location or in a large gymnasium where the heat it turned up so the proctors and test administrators won't get cold.
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