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    Default Firemen's Fund Grant

    Hey folks,

    I got an email about this earlier this week and figured it worth sharing.

    One you register your email address with Firemen's Fund and have an account created, you are asked for some basic contact info, department info, and a list of what you are requesting. There is no formal application or a grant deadline; you're basically filling out a brief survey of what your needs are. It doesn't take that long. For more info:

    For a listing of grant recipients, award amounts and funded projects:

    This will give you an idea of what type of projects are being funded and the amount of monies being awarded.


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    About once a year I toss info on that program out on here and our newsletters. They're agent driven grants so after submitting you have to contact your local agent. They have a points system based on the number of policies they have in an area and that's the beginnings of how grants get awarded. This is another one where everyone should be filling it out anyway, it's happened before where they'd award one in a somewhat far-out spot from normal coverage areas just to help market the company. One of the few that has kept the program going with the economic downturn so definitely worthy of support and spreading the word from our end.

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    Hi Skojo-

    Thanks for your post here. I actually work on the fire department grant program at Fireman's Fund. The grants are awarded at a grassroots level through our employees and participating independent agents. It won't work for all fire departments, but you are right that it can't hurt to fill our the survey. Since 2004, we've awarded more then $29 million in grants for firefighter training, needed equipment and community education programs in all 50 states.

    Here's another link explaining how the program works: http://www.firemansfund.com/document...geFireFAQs.pdf. There's also contact info included for anyone with more questions.

    Have a great day,

    D Cagan

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