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    Default Shove Knife uses

    Besides from the traditional wooden door entry. how does everyone use their shoveknife?

    How do you gain access into windows?

    Any modifications to your shove knife?

    Any tips or tricks for using the shove knife?

    Any other methods of gaining access without causing damage used?

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    Haven't really used my shove knife on windows, but they work well on doors with key in the knob locks. On an outward opening door some of the latches have the anti tampering pin (not sure if that's what its called) next to the latch, when that pin is pressed in (like when the door is shut and the pin is resting on the strike plate) it wont let the main latch open. A lot of times you can press the door towards the stop and that pin will fall into the latch hole allowing you to use the shove knife to slide the main latch open. hopefully that made sense.

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    A shove knife would have limited uses on windows simply because most modern windows (And older high end windows, such as Pella) have a lock design that cannot be manipulated with such a tool. You either have a pin that goes straight into the opposing windows frame or you have a latch that goes into the keeper so far it cannot be "walked" over. In some cases the gap is far too tight to even get the tool in. Often times you will simply scratch the hell out of the window frame and waste time and never get in.

    Most cheaply made vinyl windows have very flimsy cast metal locks that while immoveable with a shove knife will snap easily with little to no damage to the window frame when the window is forced upward with the fork of a Halligan or other pry bar type tool. On high end windows or if the lock(s) will not snap, their simply is no way to gain access through the window without breaking the glass. In my opinion, Through-the-lock entry via pulling a cylinder would be the best option.

    As for modifications? None i have seen other then when making your own. I make mine with thin putty knives because the large handle offers much more leverage and the length helps too.

    Shove knives have limited uses. Mainly interior doors where the door to frame clearence is not very tight and most outward opening "key in knob" type locks are easily defeated with a shove knife. But a properly installed inward swinging door will be difficult to defeat with a shove knife.

    I keep a modified mini pry bar that i customize in my pocket that greatly increases my shove knifes effectiveness. Ill take some pictures this week when i work next.

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