Hello all, i know Im new here & hope im not imposing but I have a week left so I need your support. We trying to build 1 of the most unique films ever made about the subject of Firefighters from across the US & hopefully beyond. The Documentary features a rare history of a family whose father was 1 of the 1st surfers at the Bonzai Pipeline in the 50's but he was not from California. He was from New York.

Later after living in Hawaii & pioneering big wave surfing with some of the biggest names in surfing history, he moved back to NY & became FDNY in one of the most difficult times of NYC history. After serving and retiring, he raised 2 sons who became FDNY Firemen and surfers in NY. They too influenced so many to take the exam & become FDNY Firefighters too. Its an amazing project but theres only my friend & I working on the film & we exhausted funds & need help so we created a Facebook page and a Kickstarter page.

Heres the kickstarter page,

You can become a backer easily please do and encourage others as well. If we meet our goal we will hire a pro editor and it will Help us get us get the propper start on gettting a true sponsor.

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Please help us.

Thomas Brookins