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    Default DeKalb County drops Rosenbauer, goes with Toyne.

    From the "Friends of Toyne" Facebook page this morning:

    "DeKalb County Chooses Toyne!

    DeKalb County Georgia has placed an order with Toyne for four pumpers to be built on Spartan Gladiator chassis. Toyne and Southeastern Apparatus Sales are excited to add DeKalb County to the ever growing Toyne family of customers.

    Thank you"

    Any other major former Rosie users deciding to stick with Spartan and an independant builder instead? I know for a department their size staying with the same chassis builder would be a great help to the fleet department.
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    It can't be just the chassis, RB can still get Spartan chassis

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    I'm guessing Toyne must have come in with the low bid. I believe Rosy did bid Spartan chassis's.

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    They were LOW BID and Rosenbauer did bid on a Spartan chassis.

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    Interesting. I didn't know this. Our department has been big Rosenbauer buyers for a while. I'll be very interested to see how the Toynes work out. I'm not incredibly impressed with the last Rosenbauers they spec'd out. Too high off the ground for no reason. The metal bed cover can only be unlocked from the crow's nest side (as opposed to the tailboard side). I like driving the Crimson-built Spartans we've got the best.

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