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    Post grants please help

    im looking into trying for grants to try and get a new 1st out engine (because ours has no balls and is a 1989ish) so its out of date. we also need to build a new station. what im wondering is/are there anygrants out there that could help us get both? any advice on writing the grant out or where to find them would be greatly apreciated..

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    Default Grant Help

    Talk to your State fire folks. They know what's up for your area.

    The AFG (Assistance to Firefighters Grants, once known as the "Fire Act") offered by FEMA is a go-to for funding, but competition is fierce. The application period is limited each year, so you need to watch for it.

    There are several grant/loan programs at the federal level (Dep't of Agriculture being one) that might help you with your station project.

    "Member Items" (ie, "pork") are getting scarce in most areas, but it never hurts to talk to your state and federal representatives.

    Some states have "revolving loan" programs that allow you to borrow money at very low rates.

    On writing grant requests - plead poverty, but do so honestly.

    Be reasonably modest in your requests - odds are you don't need a $750,000 engine or a $5,000,000 station.
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