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    Default Milwaukee fire or Madison Fire

    What would be your top choice between these two departments and why? Milwaukee Fire or Madison Fire? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by fire848 View Post
    What would be your top choice between these two departments and why? Milwaukee Fire or Madison Fire? Thanks

    Question is why do you ask? What are you hoping to gain from such a question? Are you looking to apply or in a hiring process between both and weighing options...what? I'm sure my "choice" and reason between the two would vary. I will say I have applied to both and was offered a job with both and work for neither.

    So the question becomes moreso, what one would want to look for between the two. Milwaukee is a big city, it is traditional, there can be a lot of runs and work. They work a Chicago schedule with 24 hours on and 48 hours off. The houses in Milwaukee tend to be older homes, very close together, making exposures a threat and thus you tend to see a more aggressive fire attack stance. They do have a seemingly tougher fire academy and training that one would expect in a big city dept.

    Madison seems to be more progressive than traditional. They seem to be one of the only depts that is expanding and adding personnel, stations, and resources while many others are cutting. Homes are more spread out with neighborhoods as opposed to being so close to each other like Milwaukee. Madison works a California schedule of day on, day off, day on, day off, day on, 4 days off.

    Both have dive, HAZMAT, and technical rescue teams. Both staff engines and trucks with 4 (although Milwaukee endurred cuts to get that number, they used to staff 5 on trucks). Both have their busy and slow areas. Both see regular events and both cities have many options for recreation.

    For me, if I had to choose between the two, I would choose Madison. The reason being is that I lived there for a couple years while going to school for fire protection. I learned the city and things to do and developed friendships etc. I also prefer the California schedule to the Chicago. Those really are the differences involved for me to drive a decision.
    The thoughts and opinions posted here are mine and mine alone and do not reflect the thoughts and or views of city or dept affiliation.

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    Add to plusses for Madison Fire, depending on your education level you can add between 12 and 21% to your salary with educational incentives.

    Also, add to their schedule they get a Kelly day to eliminate FLSA pay.

    The City of Madison has far less violent crime than Milwaukee, especially murders.
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