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    Default EJ Metals Brush Truck with Foam System

    I am wanting to know thoughts on the EJ Metals Company and if anyone has used their Foam System to fight fires. We are currently looking at brush trucks and thinking about going to Class A foam and really like their system. Our use for the truck will be for car fire, brush fires, structure fires (if needed for assistance) and grass fires. The truck will be used more on the road than off road so it basically will be a multi-use truck.


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    I would also recommend you look at HMA Fire if you are considering anything with ultra-high pressure and foam. HMA has accomplished multiple years of testing with the AFRL at Tyndall AFB to verify and perfect their systems.

    HMA Fire Apparatus - Producer of Industry-Leading Ultra High Pressure, High-Mobility Fire Apparatus

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    Hmmm,,, another advertisement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blsfeich View Post
    Hmmm,,, another advertisement?
    ya think ??

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    He's not exactly haunting the thread, waiting for replies.
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