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    Default How do I advance?

    How do I advance at my fire department?
    I know that is a tricky question with a million answers. Truth is, I want to hear them all.

    Our department is a smaller paid department. When we promote, there is no promotional test that decides who is up for promotion. Most recently we had an interview with the chief to determine who went through an assessment center. Out of curiosity, is it a common practice to not know the results of an assessment center? We are never told any results, not even our own scores or information to help us improve.

    I am someone who works very hard to never settle for the status quo. I always look to improve myself. I have all of my required training and plenty that isn't, ad I believe there is always something for me to learn. I have college degrees that I worked on and completed since coming into the fire service, which no one else has. I am the one who makes sure things are taken care of around the station. Most importantly, I have the trust of my coworkers and I'm someone they can count on and they look to for advice. My trouble is that I can't get promoted.

    I would love to hear some advice on things I could do to better myself and to better my chances for promotion. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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    does a person have to be a friend of the chief to get promoted???

    look at the ones that have been promoted over the last few years and see what they have or have done that you have not.

    can you talk to someone on the assement team and see if they will give you guidance???

    go to a dept that does promotional test???

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