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    Default Question about civil service tests in general.

    Last Summer I took a test for the Suffolk County Police Department here in NY. When I got my test results back I was very surprised and disappointed to find that I only scored a 75.
    Historically I am a great test taker. 1350/1600 SAT, 133 IQ, 98 before residency credits on the NYPD test, and 98th percentile on other standardized tests I've taken in school. When I took the SCPD test I remember being sure of every answer to every question. I took as much time as I needed and felt like I was on Cloud 9 knowing (thinking) I aced the test. I really want to know how I scored that low. The thing is, SCPD doesn't provide you with the questions and answers to see where things went wrong. It could have been an error with the Scantron reader. I emailed SCPD and they're response was basically that I'm SOL. There's no way to review the answers. The more time goes on the more angry I get. I want to know if this is typical of other civil service tests. Thanks!

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    Yep, it's typical. You get a score and that's it.

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